My story! Hey, I’m Rochelle

I’ve grown up my whole life in the Pacific Northwest. My husband and I enjoy our days together with our 3 teenagers, our cats, our dog and our chickens. Oh and don’t forget the MANY houseplants. 
My passion for plants came to me as a young child. My great grandma had a greenhouse that I was mesmerized by. She sold plants locally to our small town and was an expert at growing fuchsias! Unfortunately, I am not! I can remember looking right up into the many blooming fuchsias as I walked the narrow path around inside the greenhouse. I was in awe of how beautiful it was and how calm my body was. That feeling of intense humidity and smell of soil will never leave my memory. 

Being able to sit in a room filled with life and energy is regenerating. Anyone can feel the calmness that a plant can give. I want to share this experience with everyone! We all can have an opportunity to feel joy and success through raising and caring for a houseplant.

Give me the trust in helping you on this newfound love for plants. Let’s find that wonderment we all seek out for we once knew as children. 

Here I am as an adult living through life and always finding my UnWilted Serenity in plants.

With care,

Rochelle Benson founder of UnWilted Serenity and co-owner of The Local Shop on Woodworth